MARCH 1 -8 , 2020

A glorious week of sun, sand & Yin Yoga!

Sunday March 1st to Saturday March 8th, 2020


Cdn 2000.00 plus GST - for Yin Yoga Retreat
Cdn 2700.00 plus GST- for optional Yin Yoga Teacher Certification

(This is an early bird price. Prices will increase on October 1st, 2020) 


All accommodation is two to a room at the gorgeous Drift Away Eco Lodge in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica.

Please contact Niki or Lucy directly to arrange for one of the single rooms, if desired.



**Coffee & Fruit
**Myofascial Yin Yoga Class
**Nutrient-packed Breakfast
**Local Leisure & Adventure Guidance for Retreaters
**Lunch & dinner featuring local ingredients
**Afternoon Yin Yoga lecture series for Yin Yoga Teachers in training (retreaters are also welcome)

**Sunset Yin Yoga Class


Relax & renew completely as you practice daily Yin Yoga, explore beaches & have Costa Rican adventures!

(And even leave with your 45 Hr. Yoga Alliance-recognized Yin Yoga Teaching Certification!)



Costa Rica is a tiny but incredibly biodiverse & peaceful country. It is a worldwide tourist destination, thanks to its gorgeous beaches, turquoise surf-friendly seas, rainforests & mild climate. Join a small group of like-minded Yogis for seven life-changing days of Yin Yoga, local food, beach-lounging & water adventures in this spectacular country. 

We will begin each day with coffee, tea & fruit at the Eco Lodge. We will then gather as a group for an outdoor Myofascial Yin Yoga practice – expect to experience Yin as you never have before! A light, nutrient-packed breakfast will follow. Then, if you are a Retreater, you will be free to spend the rest of the day as you wish: lounge by the pool, tan on the beach, or choose from our list of adventure options such as surfing or jungle visits. 

Yin Yoga Teacher Trainers will spend the morning learning theory. After a lunch featuring local ingredients, we will present a lecture series on Yin Yoga. Retreaters are welcome to join in!

We will gather again at sunset for a delicious, stretchy Yin Yoga class. As the evening begins, we will dine together at the Eco Lodge. There are various bars along the beach to be discovered after the sun goes down!








Lucy’s first introduction to yoga was in India in 1997 during her Reiki training. She spent the next 10 years in karma yoga focused on yogic knowledge. Her asana practice really began to grow in 2008. Lucy believes yoga is the development of the Self and it is a practice of humility, play and devotion. By using the principles of Sthira and Sukham, yoga can become an integrated experience of inner happiness and positive change in the world. After an incredible journey through India and 20 years of practice, yoga and meditation continue to reveal great lessons. Lucy offers the ancient teachings of Vedanta with the new science of Biotensegrity to explore presence in body, mind and spirit.




Trained in Hatha, Restorative, Hot and Aerial Yoga, Niki leads workshops and retreats worldwide. Her classes invite you to move more slowly to feel more deeply. Gentle myofascial release techniques, yoga postures, the breath, music and deep rest are combined to create an environment where your body and mind can practice, and learn, to find ease.

Her strongest influence is Vijnana Yoga - a gentle but strong, inwardly-focused practice - and she strives to bring its sense of presence and peace to all of her classes. Niki encourages questions, community and connection above all else and gratitude towards her teachers, students included, guides her every move.


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