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Packing Checklist for your Upcoming Yoga Retreat

checklist packing retreat yoga Oct 25, 2018


Lucky you! A Yoga Retreat is in your future. You know EXACTLY what to put in your bag to make your weekly class a success, but what do you bring with you now that you're leveling up? Retreats create a sense of community like nothing else, and they are unrivalled opportunities to deepen your practice, eat right, unplug and return to real life a better version of you. What you bring with you (and what you don't!) can make a world of difference in your experience.

After many years running Yoga Retreats all over the world, here is a checklist of the bare necessities:

1. Yoga Mat: Check in with the facility to see if they provide mats. But even if they do, it's wonderful to have your own mat that you can turn into your sanctuary in the studio. Manduka makes my favourite travel mat (and my favourite home practice mat, for that matter!)

2. Yoga Pants: Depending on the weather at your destination, and the style of Yoga you will be practicing, these can be full length, capri or...

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