Hi. My name is Niki and i'm fascinated by the human mind and body. More specifically, what really fires me up is exploring how they work optimally together. 

Why Java Yoga?

I teach yoga. And I have three gorgeous teenage daughters who fill my days with joy and wonder. When they were all babies, well, to say that my personal yoga practice suffered would be a gross understatement.  I knew that I only felt good when I maintained a consistent movement practice, but I felt that I had no time, no space, no energy - the list goes on. 

One morning, out of sheer frustration, I decided to link my yoga to the only thing that i seemed to do consistently, every day as a young mother, drinking my morning coffee. Java Yoga was born!

What is Java Yoga?

Since that day, Java Yoga has evolved for me into a daily, seated gentle yoga practice alongside my morning brew. My daughters are older now and I have a little more time - it has been joined by a short daily meditation, journalling and breath practice. It's a healthy habit, and one that i treasure.

What can Java Yoga do for you?

Linking the daily ritual of your hot beverage to the healthy habit of a short yoga practice can bring increased ease of movement, flexibility and mental clarity, no matter your current age or fitness level.

Thank you!

For visiting. Above all else I love teaching and learning in community. I believe that we all have something to add to the mind/body wellness conversation. Contact me at javayoganiki@gmail.com !