The Java Yoga Solution

Change your morning, change your life!

Let me show you how to link new, healthy habits to things you already do to help you sleep, look and feel optimal!


Sweet Sleep 3 Day Makeover

This Online Course is currently under construction!

Annihilate Asthma

This Online Course is currently under construction!

No More TMJ

This Online Course is currently under construction!

Myofascial Self-Release with RAD Rollers

When soft tissue and joints jam up, lymph and waste materials get trapped inside causing a feeling that’s, let’s just say, not so rad. RAD’s advanced muscle-flushing tools (the RAD Rod and the RAD Helix) help release these blockages and keep everything moving where it needs to go. With regular use, RAD tools may help diminish muscular discomfort, freeing you up to live the life you want and do all the things you love.  Purchase your RAD Roller kit here.


Restorative Yoga

This soothing class will release tension in the the body, allowing you to completely let go and relax. We will use props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets, dowels and straps to soften the fascia, and then sink deeply into supported postures to increase range of motion and soothe the nervous system. This is a meditative, slow practice designed to encourage deep, restorative rest. Bring your own eye pillow if you like!

I teach Sunday nights at Unity Yoga - 8 to 9:20 pm 

Essential Oils

Will be the start of a completely new relationship with your body, your health and our earth. 
The aromatic compounds in these bottles speak the language of health + restoration in your body.
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